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Unlocking the Future of Financial Services


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Who We Are

At FintelligenX, we are a team of innovators and thinkers dedicated to transforming banking

with AI native technology. Our expertise spans AI technology, digital banking, and risk management, positioning us at the forefront of next-generation banking solutions.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to make banking more accessible and efficient, leveraging AI to transform how financial services operate and better cater to customer needs.


Our Vision

We envision a world where banking is intuitive, secure, and powered by AI elevating every aspect - from operations to customer experiences. FintelligenX will empower financial institutions to rapidly migrate to the cloud, mitigate economic fraud, transform lending and much more.

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What Sets Us Apart

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Code Generation Technology

AI backed code generation, powering a swift and seamless container-native, cloud-native technology adoption, enhancing operational efficiency, compliance and resilience.

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Customer Intelligence

Employing AI to create personalised products, advance the detection and prevention of economic fraud, ensuring greater trust and customer satisfaction.

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Financial Inclusion

Leveraging AI to transform lending practices, offering affordable and sustainable access to underserved segments driving revenue growth and customer satisfaction.



Hyper is our groundbreaking Code Generation product, accelerating Greenfield Banking and AI adoption with machine generated code. Hyper is trained to create a secure, compliant Google Cloud Platform tailored for you instantly.



We Empower

FintelligenX serves a broad spectrum of financial institutions, ensuring they stay ahead in the digital era with our innovative AI enabled solutions.





What Our

Clients Say

Our partnership with Bugni Labs brings together excellent technology synergies in terms of our common cloud-native, microservices-based, event-driven architecture which enables us to lay a strong foundation for rapid, iterative delivery of lending features.

Diptesh Mishra, CTO Kroo

 We want to build a credit decision platform that helps us make smarter decisions for our business and our customers. Like us, Bugni Labs are a new, adaptable and purpose driven start up, so it was a perfect fit to achieve this mission together.

Charles Spencer, Kroo Product Lead

We are deeply passionate about modern, web-scale technology that can create personalised, ubiquitous and seamless financial services experiences.

Abhay Chrungoo, CEO Bugni Labs

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Insights & Updates

Latest in AI and Banking

Stay updated with our latest insights on AI in banking, industry trends, and FintelligenX news.

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Connect With Us

Join the AI Revolution in Banking

Ready to redefine banking with AI? Get in touch with us and learn how we can accelerate your journey.

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